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25th December 2009. «Il gigante e il mago». Radio-tale for Rai Radio Due

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On Friday 25th December 2009, at 11 pm, Rai Radio Due airs the radio-tale «Il gigante e il mago», by Vinicio Capossela and Marco Cervetti.

«Il gigante e il mago» is a Christmas tale against the disappearing of winter, a topic that was at the center of Capossela's latest album, Da Solo too. Winter is threatened by climate changes and everything that is connected to winter is threatened too. It's a tale that aims to bring back the most authentic Christmas spirit, far from the consumistic dimension and closer to people's hearts. The main character is Grandpa Ice, Ded Moroz - which belongs, along with many other characters, to Russian tale tradition. 


The tale has been written by Vinicio Capossela and Marco Cervetti, the Giant, who has Russian-Italian origins. You'll find the voiced of Capossela, Cervetti, Christopher Wonder (magician), writer Paolo Rumiz, Coro degli Apocrifi; the flimsy instruments of Vincenzo Vasi (toy instruments), Gianfranco Grisi (cristallarmonium) and many more.