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hat, make up, Vinicio Capossela

Pop e Rebelot

1993. Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Rossi play «Tornar»

1993. Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Rossi in «Pop e rebelot» play «Tornar». 

1993. Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Rossi play «Decervellamento»

1993. Vinicio Capossela and Paolo Rossi play «Decervellamento», a song written by Capossela for Pop e Rebelot tour and ended in his 2000 album Canzoni a manovella.

Tour dates

In 1993, Vinicio Capossela not only performed with Paolo Rossi for Pop & Rebelot, but he still continued his solo career as a musician with a rich calendar of shows, held by Concerto: 

4th January - 8th January / Rome / on the radio

15th January / Vigolzone (PC)

18th January - 22nd January / Roma / intervento radiofonico

23rd January / Gualtieri (RE)

29th January / Forlì


1st February / Rome

7th February / Rome / promozione

8th February / Bologna

10th February / Turin

11th February/ Florence

13th February / Cascina (PI)

16th February / Genoa

25th February / Milan

26th February / Imola (BO)


6th March / Lorenzago di Cadore (BL)

8th March / Mestre

9th March / Bergamo


14th July / Brescia

19th July / Rome

30th July / Bologna


5th August / Savignano sul Rubicone (RN)

8th August / Albano Laziale (RM)

19th August / Maremma


2nd September / Reggio Emilia

4th September / Modena / Comix

26th September - 1st October / Modena


2nd and 3rd October / Parma

5th-17th October / Rome

19th-24th October / Naples

26th-31st October / Turin


1st November / Carpi

2nd November / Pistoia

3rd November / Pistoia

4th-7th November / Lucca

9th and 10th November / Bergamo

11th and 12th November / Udine

13th and 14th November / Forlì

15th November / Ravenna

16th and 17th November / La Spezia

18th November / Biella

19th November / Vicenza

20th and 21st November / Alessandria

22nd-30th November / Milan


1st-3rd December / Reggio Emilia