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Solo Show

The album «Da solo» is performed live in lots of Italian and foreign cities, European and American ones. You can find the rich tour calendar below, covering 2008 to 2010. 


31st October / Ascoli Piceno / Teatro Ventidio Basso


3rd and 4th November / Naples / Teatro Augusteo

7th November / Avellino / Teatro Carlo Gesualdo

10th and 11th November / Milan / Teatro Smeraldo

14th November / Parma / Teatro Regio

15th November / Cuneo / Mercato Coperto

17th November / Casale Monferrato (TO) / Teatro Sociale

18th November / Bergamo / Teatro Creberg

22nd November / Catanzaro / Teatro Politeama

24th and 25th November / Ancona / Teatro Le Muse

26th November / Taneto di Gattatico (RE) / Fuori Orario

27th November / Piacenza / Teatro Politeama

28th November / Brescia / Palabrescia

30th November / Livorno / Teatro Goldoni


1st December / Lucca / Teatro del Giglio

from 3rd to 6th December / Bologna / Teatro Duse

8th December / Prato / Teatro Politeama

11th and 12th December / Lecce / Teatro Politeama Greco

26th and 27th December / Taneto di Gattatico (RE) / Fuori Orario

31st December / Scandiano (RE) / Corallo


17th January / Sassari / Teatro Verdi

18th January / Cagliari / Teatro Comunale

19th January / Nuoro / Teatro Eliseo

23rd January / Jesi / Teatro Pergolesi

24th January / Assisi (PG) / Teatro Lyrick

26th and 27th January / Turin / Teatro Alfieri


2nd February / Civitanova Marche (MC) / Teatro Rossini

4th and 5th February / Teramo / Teatro Comunale

from 9th to 11th February / Milan / Teatro Smeraldo

15th February / Trieste / Teatro Rossetti

16th February / Trento / Auditorium Santa Chiara

20th February / Conegliano Veneto (TV) / Teatro Accademia

21st February / Schio (VI) / Teatro Astra

27th February / Modena / Teatro Luciano Pavarotti


1st March / Cremona / Teatro Ponchielli

3rd March / Grosseto / Teatro Moderno

5th and 6th March / Florence / Teatro Verdi

9th March / Vercelli / Teatro Civico

12th March / Taranto / Teatro Orfeo

13th March / Matera / Teatro Duni

14th March / Gallipoli (LE) / Cinema Italia

17th and 18th March / Palermo / Teatro Golden

20th March / Catania / Teatro Metropolitan

21st March / Ragusa / Teatro Tenda

27th March / Genoa / Teatro Carlo Felice

28th March / Ivrea (TO) / Officine H


3rd April / Piangipane (RA) / Teatro Socjale

from 6th to 9th April / Rome / Teatro Sistina


The concert played on 5th March 2009 at Verdi Theatre in Florence was recorded and then released as a cd + dvd named «Solo Show Alive» on 13th November 2009 by La Cùpa. 

2009. Tour europeo

Between April and May 2009, Solo Show is performed in the most important European cities:


from 16th to 18th April / Berlin (Germany) / Tipi 
24th April / Mendrisio (Switzerland) / Arena Live

6th May / Paris (France) / Alhambra
7th May / Luxembourg / Rockhal
9th May / Bruxelles (Belgium) / Piola Cafè 
10th May / Bruxelles (Belgium) / Botanique
12th May / Zurich (Switzerland) / Kaufleuten
16th May / London (England) / Queen Elizabeth Hall

«La notte». Vinicio Capossela and Salvatore Adamo.

- 00:00:00

During the Botanique concert in Bruxelles, on 10th May 2009, Capossela is joined on stage by the singer Salvatore Adamo. Together they sing his successful song «La notte». 

These are the last concerts of 2009:


1st June / Marina di Camerota (SA) / Festival dei Giovani


1st July / Rome / Rock In Roma (con Calexico)

2nd July / Turin / Venaria Reale (con Calexico)

7th July / Barcellona (Spain) / El Grec

2010. American tour and Portuguese leg

In 2010, Solo Show stops in USA and ends in Portugal. These were the tour dates: 

6th March / New York (USA) / Le Poisson Rouge

8th March / Montréal (Canada) / L’astral

9th March / Toronto (Canada) / Mod Club

10th March / Chicago (USA) / Lake Shore Theater

12th March / San Francisco (USA) / Bimbo’s 365 Club

13th March / Los Angeles (USA) / El Rey Theater

24th and 25th March / Lisbon (Portugal) / Grande Auditório Da Culturgest

Eventually, an extract of press that covered the seventy concerts of Solo Show. 

Tenco Prize 2009

In 2009, Capossela was running for Best album with «Da solo» at Tenco Prize. For this occasion, he played the song «La faccia della terra». 

2009. Vinicio Capossela performs «La faccia della terra».

Performance at Tenco Prize 2009.  

Ciampi Prize 2008

In 2008, Vinicio Capossela is awarded the Ciampi Prize in Livorno. This award is dedicated to the singer-songwriter Piero Ciampi. After the ceremony, Capossela performed Ciampi's song «Adius»; the stage had the scenography of the upcoming «Solo Show». 

2008 Premio Ciampi. Premiazione ed esecuzione di «Adius»