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2020 Bestiario d'amore and Pandemonium

Bestiario d'amore and Pandemonium

Bestiario d'amore

Release: 14th February 2020


Recordings: Sofia (Bulgaria), Milan, Montecanto


Musicians: Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stefano Nanni (orchestra director, celesta, marimba, xilophone, percussions), Vincenzo Vasi (theremin, programmation), Davide Burani (harp), Peppe Frana (liuto, oud), Giovannangelo De Gennaro (viella, Medieval traversiere), Raffaele Tiseo (violin, viola, arm cello), Andrea Lamacchia (double bass)


Label: La Cùpa


Presentation: 14th February 2020 at London's Union Chapel


Cover and graphics: Elisa Seitzinger