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Canzoni a manovella

These "handle songs" that we have invented are imaginary songs. To be performed, the following instruments are required: symphonic drums, nailed pianos, trumpets, guitars, Martinot waves, Bulgarian lifters, violins, top hats and turbans. 

It is a record made of things that come from deep, that then float in top hat and diving suit. To make it, we went in a recording studio like penguins at the zoo, not without bringing with us detailed maps and some uniforms' parures, which always fascinate us. 

We overate emotions and suggestions and music, in a kind of secular binge. And this is the result. 

These songs cannot leave you in peace. There are arias and songs of your grandparents' era, rhymes for your kinds and nostalgia for everybody. 

There are marches, rebetikos, binary times, ternary times, music to cheer to, waltz like... One, two, three! And then again trains and railways, the old wild West derailed behind the Orient's rears, the greek route, and war songs, geography... Serenades, tramways, roses and umbrellas. 

Everything can be perfectly danced. Just try! You can hire the hall if you want, all dressed up for a gala. We have the orchestra. 

You may say that I exaggerate and that is certainly true. But doesn't life exaggerate sometimes? 

This work is a kind of gift we wanted to give to the many reckless people who, one after the other, have given their all; to the many things going extinct; to the many rooms who suffer the silence of a million songs.
Listen to it, if you want. Forgive us, if you can.
Mit Liebe,

The author


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