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Canzoni a manovella

Canzoni a manovella has been performed a lot between 2000 and 2001. These concerts' booking agency was Duende. 

Here the tour dates: 


4th November / Bagnacavallo (FC) /

7th November / Milan

9th November / Genoa

14th and 15th November / Rezzato (BS) / Teatro CTM

16th November / Montecarlo

20th November / Naples

29th and 30th November / Rome


16th December / Mestre (VE)

22nd December / Florence


25th January / San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)

27th January / Belluno

29th January / Bologna

30th January / Carrara


3rd February / Fabriano (AN)

9th February / Prato

17th February / Vercelli


10th March / Cesena / Teatro Comunale A. Bonci

12th March / Milan / Teatro Smeraldo

15th March / Trieste

27th March / Cagliari / Teatro Comunale

28th March / Sassari / Teatro Verdi


2nd April / Reggio Emilia / Teatro Valli

3rd April / Rome / Teatro Brancaccio

4th April / Perugia / Teatro mordicchi

5th April / Siena / Teatro degli Illuminati

9th April / Palermo / Teatro Metropolitan

10th April / Catania / Teatro Metropolitan

12th April / Padova / Supercinema

20th April / Roma (Rai 1)

26th April / Cremona / Teatro Ponchielli

27th April / Ascoli Piceno


3rd May / Bassano del Grappa (TV) / Cinema Teatro Astra

6th May / Lugano (Switzerland) / Palazzo dei Congressi

10th March 2001. Vinicio Capossela plays at Bonci Theatre in Cesena.
Umbria Jazz 2001

On 13th July 2001, Vinicio Capossela performs at Umbria Jazz with his band (Giancarlo Bianchetti: guitar, Enrico Lazzarini: double bass, Mirco Mariani: drums, Luciano Titi: mantici, Edoardo De Angelis: intonarumori) and Marc Ribot as a special guest, with his Cubanos Postizos. 


Jazz means trying to be there, where and when something is happening, writing everything without changing a piece of paper. A few years ago, I reached Umbria Jazz breathless. My car stopped working and I had to hitchhike with a group of Polish people. It did not work much. João Gilberto got into the Morlacchi theatre just two hours after the determined time. He said, without apologizing, that music should have come to him, and not the other way round. 


Now, it seems that my moment is there. We will offer our mariachi circus as an opening. 

Although I always wanted to be a ballad songwriter, since a little time I started writing weird songs. I called them «Canzoni a manovella». By summer they took a turn that reminds more of railways and serenade, which is nothing but a kind of ballad that lost its ceiling and wanders free in the air. With those songs, we will open the festival.

During this occasion, we will share the stage with one of the greatest musicians nowdays: Marc Ribot. And if jazz is something that is happening right now, in this moment, well... That will be the moment. 


Vinicio Capossela

Umbria Jazz 2001. First part

- 00:00:00


Estate (Bruno Martino)

Corvo Torvo

Marcia del Camposanto


L'affondamento del Cinastic

Con una rosa


Signora Luna

Ultimo amore

Cristal (Anibal Troilo)

Umbria Jazz 2001

- 00:00:00


Tanco del Murazzo


Contrada Chiavicone

Il ballo di San Vito

Al Veglione

All'una e trentacinque circa

Che coss'è l'amor

Occhi neri

Solo mia


Camera a sud

Tenco Prize 2001

The album «Canzoni a manovella» was awarded the Tenco Prize as Best album. For this occasion, Vinicio Capossela performed the song «Bolle di sapone» by Sergio Endrigo. You can listen to the song below. 

2001. Vinicio Capossela performs at Tenco Prize

- 00:00:00

Capossela performed at Tenco Prize, singing a few songs from «Canzoni a manovella» and covering Sergio Endigo's «Bolle di sapone». This edition of the Prize was dedicated to Endrigo himself.