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Listen to the album «Bestiario d'amore» here

14th September 2013. «Bestiario d'amore» at Modena's Philosophy Festival

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On 14th September 2013, Vinicio Capossela performed «Bestiario d'amore», a musical reading that took inspiration from Richard de Fournival's work. Special guests of this show are the members of Ensemble Micrologus, made up by Patrizia Bovi (voice and harp), Gabriele Russo (viella and ribeca), Goffredo Degli Esposti (flutes, cennamella and cornamusa), Peppe Frana (liuto and chitarrino).

The unabridged reading of De Fournival's «Bestiaire d'amours» has been interspaced with contemporary songs and with previously unreleased re-elaborations of musical and poetic Medieval topics, performed by Ensemble Micrologus. A few Bestiaire-inspired ballads and two songs coming for the troubadour repertoir have been performed as well. The concert took place in Modena's Piazza Grande, between the enygmas that are sculpted in Wiligelmo's Cathedral.