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«Ballate per poveri Cristi». American preview

While waiting for «Ballate per uomini e bestie» to be released, Vinicio Capossela went on tour in the United States. The tour's name was Ballate per uomini cristi, a folk journey between Italy and America hanging on a trio made up of guitars and a piano, on the routes of those "poor devils" who crossed the fronteers between rural world and the city, between man and animal, between the living and the dead.



5th May 2019. Vinicio Capossela at Washington Kennedy Center.

With Alessandro "Asso" Stefana and Victor Herrero. 

Single Acts

The release of Ballate per uomini e bestie was followed by a series of Single Acts, which had been conceived for specific places in order to highlight certain topics linked to the album. 

Those were the tour dates: 

25th May / Sermoneta (LT) / Castello Caetani


7th June / Verona / Palazzo Giardino Giusti 
“Everybody kills what they love” – dialogue between Vinicio Capossela and Rita Severi

8th June / Verona / Teatro Romano
“La Belle Dame Sans Merci” and other paralysis of beauty
. Special guest: Mario Brunello

15th June / Colorno (PR) / Reggia Ducale
“Admiring trails: osmology of the snail and other slownesses” 


28th June / Madrid (Spain) / Teatro Fernan Gomez
Canciones de Poveri Cristi


4th July / Roskilde (Denmark) / Roskilde Festival

5th July / Milan / Piccolo Teatro Strehler
Hopes and plagues 


7th July / Spoleto (PG) / Piazza Duomo 
Cantata per le creature -  Perfetta Letizia and other Ballads for men and beasts

8th July / Pisa / Piazza dei Cavalieri  
Triumph of Death and other Ballads for men and beasts

11th July / Lyon (France)- Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière
Vinicio Capossela avec l’Orchestre de l’Opèra de Lyon

19th July / Sant’Antioco (SU) / Arena Fenicia 

21st July / Riola Sardo (OR) / Parco dei Suoni 

25th July / Bellinzona (Swiss) / Castelgrande di Bellinzona 

6th August / Massa D'Albe (AQ) / Anfiteatro romano di Alba Fucens 

Theatre tour preview 2019

Shot by Simone Cecchetti and Emiliana Aligeri.

Theatre tour 2019

Ballate per uomini e bestie took Vinicio Capossela to the most important theatre stages during the months of october, november and december 2019.

Those were the tour dates:

4th October / Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) / Teatro Nuovo
6th October / Rimini / Teatro Galli
7th October / Milan / Teatro Arcimboldi

13th October / Bari / Teatro Petruzzelli
18th October / Montecatini (PT) / Teatro Verdi

24th October / Turin / Teatro Colosseo
25th October / Bergamo / Teatro Creberg
26th October / Varese / OpenJob Metis

13th November / Genoa / Teatro Carlo Felice
17th November / Udine / Teatro Nuovo Giovanni Da Udine
19th and 20th November / Bologna / Teatro Duse
22nd November / Trento / Auditorium S. Chiara
23rd November / Vicenza / Teatro Comunale
26th November / Brescia / Teatro Grande
29th November / Florence / Teatro Verdi

3rd December / Catania/ Teatro Metropolitan
5th December / Cosenza / Teatro Rendano
7th December / Pescara / Teatro Massimo
8th December / Rome / Sala Santa Cecilia Auditorium Parco della Musica
9th December / Perugia / Teatro Morlacchi
15th December / Venice / La Fenice

Tenco Prize 2019

In 2019, «Ballate per uomini e bestie» was awarded Best Album by Tenco Club. For this occasion, Capossela played a few songs that feature in the record, that you can listen to below. 

2019. Vinicio Capossela performs «Il povero Cristo».
2019. Vinicio Capossela performs «Il testamento del porco».