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Records don't contain everything. Many of the things that I have written so far have been performed only live, with an audience, or through the radio, because this allows me to go at my own time. It is difficult to put a collection of songs together because they are not contemporary, and then, well, I am still alive... When the label told me about making this record, I was not pleased because I felt it was a little bit early to do something like this. But then I made up my mind and I decided that it was better for this anthology to be released when I am still alive. 

I had many titles in mind, but then I chose this snooty one, «L'indispensabile», as snooty as a collection has to be. And so, here's to you «L'Indispensabile».

Many people have worked on this album: my producer Renzo Fantini, to whom I left the choice of the songs; the Turin DJ Renato Striglia, my personal legend; Carlo Feltrinelli, as musical adviser; Andrea Furlani, Francesco Nicoletti and Francesca Leoncini who made the graphics. 

«L'indispensabile» will be published in other European countries, like France, Germany and Spain. That's why the booklet contains the translated lyrics into these four languages. No English, as it is too well known.

Si è spento il sole

This song, «Si è spento il sole», recorded in 1962 by a young Adriano Celentano, is dedicated to my father Vito and to his glourous youth. I dedicate it also to those who emigrated, but did not reach America, stopping in Switzerland, Belgium or Germany; those who got on a train and then dissolved in the Deutsch Mark area. Those who didn't live in Al Capone or Frank Sinatra's America, they had Adamo, Rocco Granata and Celentano. 

And I dedicate it to those whose sun doesn't shine anymore: remember when the sun doesn’t shine, the stars begin to light up.

Vinicio Capossela


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