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Modì, the second album

After All’una e trentacinque circa, came Modì. Vinicio Capossela’s second album follows the path of the previous record, but it’s even more inspired. Geographically, it is located between Emilia, the Italian area of his young years, the dreamed North America and a heartbreaking South America. In this imaginary trip, Capossela carries with himself the music of those areas: the humble grace of some traditional tones, link classic guitar or bandonéon, and the fire and lava of a certain soul jazz made of saxophones and Hammond organ. This unusual world is headed by the artist with the skills of a veteran, helped by some great musicians like Antonio Marangolo or Flaco Biondini. He’s so inspired and self-confident that he let his music drift according to his mood: drunk of melancholy in “Solo per me”, passionate in “Pasionaria”, capricious and almost mischievous singing the speedy words of “Notte newyorkese”, detatched and poetical in “Ultimo amore”. The various folds of Capossela’s emotions have an influence on his voice too: sometimes it is open and clear, sometimes it is low and hard to understand.

Modì is a true record; it contains sincere music, made by the consequences of life, songs that you can sing altogether, street ballads, crazy rhymes, but also pure poetry. Think of the title track: Modì is a song in which the lyrics are inspired by Jeanne Hébuterne’s experience by the side of Italian bohémien painter Amedeo Modigliani: «To love, you cheated; to exist, you died; to find me you ran away», these are the words that are sang by Capossela in his portrait of that peculiar love story.