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2016. Radio shadows in wintertime

From 19th to 30th December 2016, from Monday to Friday, at 9 am and 11.45 pm on Rai Radio Three, Vinicio Capossela hosted ten episodes, ten stories of night animals, treasures and donkeys talking with angels, an upside-down world, from Saint Nicholas to Carnival. Each episode previewed a story and a song.

Winter is the shadow-sided part of the year. The strongest the light in summer, the darkest the shadow in winter. The shadowed zone is not warmed by the sun, the temperature breaks down as soon as it is covered by a cloud. The eclypse ices the Earth. The sun goes down, the long shadows othef the day take it all and only the moon is left to create pale shadows. The moon and the fire. 

From fire came shadows and storytelling. And although we do not have a place and not even fire anymore, we still have the shadows that fire generated. We can share them through the radio, through the ether of our homes' windows during Advent.