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The tour

These were the tour dates that Concerto realised during 1998. Capossela presented «Liveinvolvo» with solo shows, with band or with Kocani Orkestar: 

27th May / Milan / Ciak

28th May / Taneto di Gattatico (RE) / Fuori Orario with Kocani Orkestar

29th May / S. Fior (TV) / Sonny Boy with band

30th May / Gonzaga (MN) / Reading


4th June / Urbino / Fortezza Albornoz with Kocani Orkestar

20th June / Caponago (MI) 

29th June / Rome / Villa Ada with Kocani Orkestar


1st July / Cagliari 

10th July / Imola (BO) / Rocca Festival Jazz 

18th July / Milan / Palavobis with Kocani Orkestar

24th July / Barletta

25th July / Turin / con Kocani Orkestar

27th July / Garbagnate (MI)

31st July / Camaiore (LU) 


2nd August / Amalfi (NA)     

8th August / Sanremo (IM)

12th August / Giovinazzo (BA)        



23th-25th October / Sanremo (IM)

31st October / Carpi (MO)


3rd November / Bologna

6th November / Pordenone

7th November / Ancona

8th November / Cortemaggiore (PC)

10th November / Mestre (VE)

21st November / Biella

27th November / Casale Monferrato (AL)

30th November / Rome


1st December / Cagliari

3rd December / Conversano (BA)

4th December / Trani 

7th and 8th December / Bologna (apparizione televisiva)

10th December / Cesano (MI)

11th December / Rimini

12th December / Madone (BG)

30th April 1999. Vinicio Capossela and Kocani Orkestar at Tavagnasco Rock

In this video, Vinicio Capossela performs with Kocani Orkestar at Tavagnasco Rock, in Tavagnasco (Turin).