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Il tour

Between 1994 and 1995, Camera a Sud was perfomed in Italian theaters for a long tour that also touched France, with the sold out concert at Théatre de la Ville on 2nd February 1995. 

These were 1994 tour dates, realised by Concerto booking agency:

12th February / Cutrofiano (LE)

13th February / Lecce

14th February / Manduria (TA)

22nd February / Marghera (VE)

23rd February / Piangipane (RA)

24th February / Forlì

26th February / Bologna

28th February / Milan


5th March / Lorenzago (BL)

6th March / Riccione

24th March / Pisa

31st March / Parma


8th April / Altopascio (LU)

9th April / Carrara

13th April / Mestre (VE)

14th April / Salò (BS)

16th April / Chioggia (VE)

19th April / Gorizia

20th April / Pordenone

21th April / Udine

27th April / Caserta


5th May / Vicenza


1st July / Lecce

2nd July / Prov. Taranto

20th July / Prov. Ravenna

30th July / Montecchio Emilia (RE)


5th August / Porto San Giorgio (FM)

6th August / San Salvo (TE)

7th August / Giurdignano (LE)

30th August / Cesenatico (FC)

31st August / Reggio Emilia


11th November / Cesenatico (FC) 

16th November / Turin / Conservatory

20th November / Longiano (MO) / Rehersals opened to public (T. Petrella)

28th November / Rome / Teatro Palladium

29th November / Florence / Teatro Puccini


1st December / Mestre (VE) / Terminal

2nd December / Brescia / Teatro CTM

5th December / Bologna / Teatro Testoni

6th December / Milan / Teatro dell’Elfo

8th December / Genoa / Teatro Albatros

9th December / Forlì / Vecchia Stazione

17th December / Roxy Bar

19th December / Fabriano (AN)

1994. Vinicio Capossela performs «Se potessi amore mio»

As a guest during the 19th Tenco Prize, Vinicio Capossela performed Luigi Tenco's song «Se potessi amore mio». 


These are the 1995 tour dates:

25th January / Reggio Emilia

26th January / Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE) / Fuori Orario

27th January / Piangipane (RA) / Teatro Socjale

28th January / Nonantola (MO) / Vox


2nd February / Paris (France) / Théâtre de la Ville

6th February / Civitanova Marche (MC) / Teatro Rossini

9th February / Cortemaggiore (PC) / Club Fillmore

10th February / Saint Vincent (AO)

13th February / Milan / Ciak Club

18th February / Imola (BO) / Cap Creus

20th February / Siena / Teatro dei Rinnovati

21st February / Pistoia / Teatro Manzoni

25th February / Cesenatico (FC) / Club Mexical

26th February / Sariano (RO)


2nd March / Trieste / Teatro Miela

3rd March / Rimini / Rag Club

6th March / Riccione (RN) / Sala Centrale

10th March / Spilimbergo (PN)

12th March / Perugia / Teatro Morlacchi

13th March / Naples / Teatro Cilea

14th March / Bari

15th March / Matera

16th March / Cutrofiano (LE) / Club Mata Hari

17th March / Taranto

23th March / Conegliano Veneto (TV)

24th March / Rimini

26th March / Carrara

30th March / Bergamo / Teatro Nuovo

31st March / Padova / Teatro Pio X


1st April / Paris (France)

6th April / Cortemaggiore (PC)

7th April / Faenza

8th April / Ascoli Piceno

9th and 10th April / Campobasso

13th April / Conegliano (TV)

21st April / San Vittore di Cesena / Vidia Club

25th April / Codevilla (PV)

29th April / San Marino


5th May / Montalto Dora (TO)

22nd May / Turin / Salone del Libro

28 May / Turin


22nd June / Rome

28th June / Biella

30th June / Forlì


6th July / Modena

7th July / Cesenatico

10th July / Bollate (MI)

22nd July / Bellaria

23rd July / Cuore

25th July / Padova

26th July / Rome


14th August / Orange

16th August / Jesolo (VE)

27th August / Bologna

31st August / Reggio Emilia


1st September / Lugano (Switzerland)

6th September / Florence

8th September / Messina

9th September / Catania

10th September / Palermo

25th September / Torcy (France)


7th October / Modena

26th October / Forlì


4th November / Rimini

13th November / Paris (France)


9th December / Belluno

11th December / Aosta

18th December / Rome

20th December / Arezzo

1995. Vinicio Capossela at Forlì's Naima Club

- 00:00:00


Non è l'amore che va via


All'una e trentacinque circa

Ultimo amore

Che coss'è l'amor

Il mio amico ingrato


Camera a sud

Scivola vai via

...e allora mambo


La regina del Florida

Tornando a casa

Notte newyorkese

1995. Vinicio Capossela at Paris' Théatre de la Ville

On 2nd February 1995, Vinicio Caposssela performed at Théatre de la Ville in Paris. Before the concert, he has been interviewed by Vincenzo Mollica. At the end of the video, you can listen to a part of the song «Che coss'è l'amor».